Cutting-Edge Technology

Our premium textile cleaning machines are individually manufactured using the highest-quality materials such as stainless steel, copper and aluminium. Our machines are controlled with a programmable logic controller (PLC) and are guaranteed to meet worldwide industry standards.

Our special drum geometry achieves a higher cleaning effect which reduces the need for pre-treatment of garments. The system is gentle on fabrics which reduces creasing and minimizes the amount of finishing work required. Futhermore, there is hardly any abrasion of the fabric, due to the machine’s unique ability to continuously monitor all aspects of the cleaning process and adjust the speed and temperature as needed. This results in shorter drying times, which means your machine will be available more often.


Free-Swinging Drum

Quality shock absorbers compensate for the loads arising during spinning.

The force transmission into the ground is significantly reduced, thus high spin speeds are possible (400 g centrifugal force).

  • Minimal vibration and force transmission into the ground
  • Floor mounting not required
  • Solvent extraction before drying guarantees shorter drying times


Concentration Measurement

Utilizing a concentration analyzer from Fresenius, our machines measure the actual solvent concentration in the air stream in the air box during drying.

The actual concentration determines the energy input during drying. This allows different drying strategies to be used.

Furthermore, the lower explosion limit is never exceeded. It is therefore possible – regardless of the quality of the goods used – to determine the optimal drying time and to automatically calculate the best possible drying process.

  • Safe measurement technology
  • Short drying times
  • No over-drying
  • No post-drying

Continuous Distillation

The stainless steel distillation chamber features an oval-shaped underside which ensures that the thermal energy only heats the solvent.

  • Faster distillation
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Pure solvent after each batch
  • Simplified distillation chamber cleaning


Solvent Recovery

High-quality materials and their precise processing, combined with modern process engineering and optimized drying, guarantee a solvent recovery rate of 99.9% (not taking into account the solvent input from the pre-drying).

Solvent losses via the fabric, due to insufficient drying, or from the machine components, i.e. the sludge, are eliminated.

Solvent Recovery
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