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According to the manufacturer, only high-strength and corrosion-resistant materials and alloys are used in the dry-cleaning machines from EazyClean. The drums developed in-house also achieve a high cleaning effect and reduce the need for pre-treatment. In addition, the machines are gentle on the textiles, which could be illustrated by a low degree of staining. A further advantage of the gentle fabric treatment is a reduced maintenance effort. The remaining solvent is controlled during the drying process, which eliminates temperature spikes on the fabric. The system is controlled by a programmable logic controller (PLC) in order to ensure flexibility and modularity as well as a high level of system safety.

Since 2005, EazyClean machines have been equipped with a high-spinning and free-swinging drum. Speeds of up to 850 revolutions per minute generate high centrifugal forces for optimum spinning of the fabric. The dynamic load of the machine remains low due to the dampening of the drum. According to the manufacturer, an additional advantage of a high spin rate is the reduction of drying and batch times, which in the 2-bath process are 45 to 55 minutes. The concentration measurement of the residual solvents prevents overdrying or post-drying, no matter the fabic being cleaned. The PLC allows free programming of the spinning speed and the creation of custom cleaning programs.

Due to the low dynamic loads, the dry-cleaning machine does not have to be anchored to the floor. The machine can be installed on ceilings with low load capacity. Whether operated with steam or electricity – the installation and commissioning times are short. The efficient drying as well as the solvent regeneration by means of distillation or filtration have an effect on the solvent balance: With a solvent recovery rate of up to 99.9 percent, EazyClean claims to offer a self-contained system that achieves great savings in the solvents used. The colour touch-screen of the EazyClean textile cleaning machine facilitates operation. All warnings and instructions appear in clear writing in the respective national language. The color display also shows which maintenance work is due, e.g. cleaning the button trap or the lint filter. If a set limit is reached, a message appears to advise the operator to carry out the maintenance. Maintenance functions such as tank rinsing, filter maintenance and distillation cook down can be started manually or automatically. There is also a fully automatic maintenance program that allows the operator to combine different maintenance steps. Thirty measuring points for pressure, flow, temperature and solvent concentration support the self-monitoring and self-diagnosis of the EazyClean textile cleaning machine.