Cutting-edge Technology “Made in Germany”

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EazyClean Technologies is, according to its own statement, the premier German manufacturer of textile cleaning systems that work with all common alternative solvents – KWL, Intense, Sensene, Higlo, Silicone and others. The production of the technology takes place in Herten, North Rhine-Westphalia. “Our products are guaranteed Made in Germany”, says Daniel Dworatzek of EazyClean.

Technological Leadership

According to the company, only components of the highest quality are used for the machines including high-strength and corrosion-resistant materials and alloys.

The drums of the cleaning machines are developed and produced in-house. Their special geometry is intended to provide a higher cleaning effect and minimize the pre-treatment required. “Despite excellent mechanical work, there is no abrasion whatsoever on the fabric, and the system works much more gently on the textiles than the competition,” reports Dworatzek. This can also be seen – compared to the standard – in improved efficiency. A further advantage of the gentle fabric treatment is reduced maintenance requirements and higher machine availability. The system is controlled by a PLC in order to ensure flexibility and modularity as well as a high level of system safety.


Every EazyClean dry cleaning machine has a concentration monitoring system for the residual solvent during the drying process. This ensures precise drying, odourless textiles as well as energy and time savings. “EazyClean dry cleaning machines together with alternative solvents guarantee bright colors and a soft handling of the fabric,” reports Dworatzek.


Since 2005, EazyClean machines have been equipped with a high-speed, free-swinging drum. The machines reach speeds of up to 850 rpm, which ensure that the fabric is handled with the optimum centrifugal force. According to the manufacturer, the dynamic load of the machine remains very low due to the dampening of the drum.

A further advantage of the high spin speeds is the reduction of drying and batch times. According to EazyClean, they are between 45 and 55 minutes in the 2-bath process. Over-drying or post-drying of the fabric is prevented by measuring the residual solvent concentration. The PLC used allows free parametric adjustment of the spinning speed and the creation of your own cleaning programs.

Easy Installation

Due to the low dynamic loads, the EazyClean textile cleaning machine does not need to be anchored to the floor. The machine can also be placed on ceilings with low load capacity. The manufacturer states the installation and commissioning times as “low”. Plug and play is guaranteed.

Environmental Protection

According to Eazyclean, efficient drying and effective solvent regeneration through distillation or filtration also have a positive effect on the solvent balance. The manufacturer states a solvent recovery rate of up to 99.9 percent and promises great savings in terms of the solvents used for the self-contained system. “This supports our claim to innovation, sustainability and efficiency,” explains Dworatzek.

Convenient Operation

The machines are equipped with a color touch screen. “An EazyClean machine can be operated as easily as a smartphone,” says Dworatzek. Free configuration (direction of rotation, solvent filling level, soap dosage, etc.) and programming would also allow the machine to be set up exactly according to the requirements of the individual customer or fabric being cleaned. All warning and information messages appear in plain text in the respective language. “Because an EazyClean dry-cleaning machine is so easy to operate, this naturally saves time when new employees are introduced to the technology,” explains Dworatzek.


Thanks to self-monitoring and self-diagnosis – there are 30 measuring points for pressure, flow, temperature and solvent concentration – the productivity of the dry-cleaning machines are high. The colour display shows which maintenance work is due, for example cleaning the button catcher or lint filter. The number of batches for the respective maintenance cycle can be taken from the factory or freely configured. If the defined limit is reached, a message appears in plain text. It instructs the operator to carry out the maintenance. Maintenance functions such as rinsing the tank, filter maintenance or boiling down the distillation can be started manually or automatically. Then a fully automatic maintenance program ensures that different maintenance steps are automatically run through, which can also be combined in different ways.

The measuring points can be read on the colour display during cleaning operation. The historical data is also saved, for example to prove the cleaning quality over long periods of time.

First-Class Service

The EazyClean dry-cleaning machines are available in 12, 15, 24 and 35 kg versions, with electric or steam heating, with solvent regeneration by distillation or filtration. “Service and customer support are top priority for EazyClean,” Dworatzek concludes. “The well laid out design simplifies service, so that all components are quickly accessible without much dismantling. Spare parts are available immediately from the factory in Herten and are shipped worldwide. Ideally, one should have a service contract, then you don’t ever have to worry about the availability of the machine.”